Friday, February 16, 2007

Postage Stamp of the Week: Batman

This 2006 specimen, featuring Bob Kane's 1940 cover of Batman #1, is part of this larger DC Comics Super Heroes pane.

Why Batman? Why now? Well, not only is Batman my favorite superhero (particularly the Adam West variety), but he's also the cover star of the current Postal Service Guide to U.S. Stamps. The book, which arrived in my mail this week, features color illustrations of every goddamn U.S. of A. stamp issued from 1847 through 2006. Unfortunately, the stamps aren't all actual size, and they don't all reproduce that well. Worst of all, the thing is held together with cheap-ass comb binding!

I still love its historic, pop-culture thoroughness, much like I dig this book, and this one. I'll certainly enjoy browsing through it in search of more cool stamps to highlight here.

Tune in next Friday -- same Postage Stamp of the Week-time, same Postage Stamp of the Week-channel.

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At 4:46 PM, February 21, 2007 , Blogger Unknown said...

Is it the robot or the camel you want?

At 5:20 PM, February 21, 2007 , Blogger Steve said...

The camel, of course!

Why the hell would I want a robot?


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