Monday, February 25, 2008

We Hardly Knew Ye: Postage Stamp of the Week

I figure it's always best to bow out while you're still on top. I believe that time has come.

Postage Stamp of the Week™ has been simply going through the motions these last few months, as it's been harder and harder to find a stamp each week that's worthy of the honor. Sure, I'll probably come across some cool stamps in the future and I'll be glad to share 'em, but as a regular weekly feature, PSOTW™ is no longer. Frankly, it's been dead for a while now.

However! Watch this space for a new, even cooler weekly feature, debuting this Friday...

And I'm also working on another fun feature--here's a NSWF teaser:

Finally, with no connection to anything in particular, here's a kickass video for a kickass song:

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