Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Post One: 666

Let’s, like, get this party started. You know, all up in here.

Seeing as how today is, among other things, the National Day of Slayer, it’s a good a day as any to start my blog. So yeah, the date is 6/6/06, or 666. Big deal. My birthday, 6/26/69, also has 666 in it (in fact, it’s right around the corner -- hint, hint!). I've lived through three dozen of ‘em have thus far, with nary an apocalypse...

Still, in keeping with the 666 theme, here are three vaguely “evil” videos, beginning with a clip of me on the recent CMT documentary True Grit: Evel Knievel. Here I am in my national TV debut, describing how Evel crashed into a TV cameraman when he tried to jump a shark-infested pool in 1977…

I'll never forget Crispin “Hellion” Glover's 1986 freakout on Late Night with David Letterman (my favorite TV show ever of all-time ever). Clad in his Rubin and Ed getup, he was ostensibly on the show to promote his awesome movie River’s Edge (with four Slayer songs on the soundtrack!). Whether his nervous, hostile, and increasingly violent behavior was calculated or "real," a nervous Letterman quickly cut to a commercial. When the show resumed, Glover was gone...

Finally, the Rolling Stones (my favorite band ever of all-time ever). Thirteen years after Mick and company released “Sympathy for the Devil,” an overzealous fan rushed onstage during the finale of a 1981 concert. Keith fought him off with his guitar until security chased the guy away. I love how Keith then cooly slipped his axe back on and continued to rock, as if nothing ever happened...

Thank you! Good night!!

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