Sunday, June 06, 2010

Weekend Wrap

Saturday I attended Turn-Back-the-Clock day at Safeco Field, with the M's clad in their turquoise jerseys from 1995. Ichiro looked sharp, giving a curtain call after scoring his 1,000th career run. Otherwise, the less said about the embarrassing 11-2 drubbing by the Angels, the better.

Today, after breakfast today at Johnny's at Fife, we hit Tacoma's Washington State History Museum for Giants in the Mountains: The Search for Sasquatch.

It was pretty cool, but it was also pretty much the same exhibit, with the same name and promotional materials, as the one we saw in 2008 at the State Capital Museum in Olympia. This time, however, I bought a souvenir Bigfoot snow globe.

While in T-Town we hit a bunch of thrift stores, drove through Point Defiance Park and had lunch at the fabulous Frisko Freeze:

We also stopped for a quick photo op at the Goofy Goose:

On our way home, heading north on the First Avenue South Bridge, we spotted this:

Despite Bigfoot's endorsement, we instead dined at Smith.


Also on Saturday, 48-year-old Robbie Knievel jumped a bunch of stuff in Texas, his first performance in nine months.

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At 2:21 PM, June 07, 2010 , Blogger Kim Thompson said...

Glad you enjoyed T-town!


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