Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bigfoot, Evel Updates

Today I updated three pages on my site with some new tidbits...

Added to Bigfoot Is Real: The above picture of me and the creepy Seattle Supersonics mascot, whom I met earlier this month. Turns out I'm actually taller than Squatch, though I still can't bounce off a trampoline, somersault through the air, and dunk two basketballs at once. Incidentally, because I'm afflicted with red eyes in flash photos, my eyes look weird here 'cause I used the "Red-Eye" function in iPhoto. However, I didn't use the function on the new photo near the bottom of Bigfoot Is Real (scroll down), showing a creepy, red-eyed Bigfoot statue spotted over the weekend outside a Federal Way chiropractic clinic...

Added to Knievel Rock: The Evel Knievel Discography: Some blurbs about the Flaming Lips, Robbie Knievel's daughter Krysten's upcoming album, and an Evel-inspired CD cover by a group called the Burden Brothers. Sorry, no direct links to these items, but you can easily text-search the Knievel Rock page for those specific terms...

Lastly, added to Knievel Comedy: The Evel Knievel Humorography: A very brief clip of Evel, Muhammad Ali, and the host of the short-lived 1975 variety show Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell, Robbie and Crash Bandicoot in a 1990s PlayStation commercial, two videos of guys playing with their wind-up Evel dolls, and a link to a clip from last night's episode of Cheap Seats without Ron Parker, an MST3K-style sports comedy show on ESPN Classic. Unfortunately, nobody I know gets ESPN Classic, so if anyone out there wants to tape it for me...

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