Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bill and Tom's Excellent Blog Venture

I'm forever grateful to Bill and Tom Ojendyk for publishing my first-time-ever- in-print anything, an article about pinball, which they ran in a 1994 issue of their fanzine Bopsicle.

These days, Los Bros. Ojendyk are busy with the awesome Lamestain, a blog about the lesser-known- but-no-less-deserving acts of Seattle's grunge era. Their we-were-there insight covers such under-appreciated outfits as the Melvins (seen here), the Wipers, Green River, Dickless, and the Freewheelin' Mark Arm. Also, there's a cute picture of Bill's baby in a Motörhead onesie.

Today I'm grateful to Bill and Tom for inviting me to do a guest-post on Lamestain -- Girl Trouble: Grunge By Association went up this morning.

Thanks dudes!

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