Saturday, November 01, 2008


Ni hao!

Yesterday we took a three-hour drive out of town and a 17-minute ride up a gondola lift to the Great Wall of China -- the Chinese call it El Wall Grande. For a few hours we walked across and around an approximate two-mile stretch of its 4,000-mile length. It's pretty big.

On the way back to the gondola, Eliza found this funny button.

Last night I tracked down that bowling alley I mentioned yesterday. It was part of this larger nightlife mall -- a big block of nightclubs and karaoke spots and so forth all under one roof. The bowling house was pretty much like any other, except for the Chinese ads, the Goofy sculptures, and next to the pro shop, a lingerie store (?!). I didn't actually bowl -- I was alone, I didn't have my own gear, and I was pretty beat after a long day.

Okay, we're gonna do more stuff today.

Xie xie!


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