Thursday, September 02, 2010

Ichiro a Go-Go, etc.

It's been too long since I've had anything in print, so I was stoked that today's mail brought the new issue of Zisk, containing my Ichiro a Go-Go article (it's mostly a bunch of factoids culled from my Super Ichiro Crazy! page). I was even more stoked that this picture I snapped at a game in May wound up on the cover!

Besides my stuff, there are an additional 14 pages of Ichiro goodness in the issue, including words by Young Fresh Fellow Scott McCaughey and a comic by Slink Moss, plus stuff about Stephen Strasburg's awesome Nationals debut and Adrian Beltre's bum testicle... Send $3 to Zisk, 147 Route 164, Patterson, NY 12563.

Speaking of Ichiro, here was my view of him Tuesday night:

And speaking of baseball, it's cool that Junior is the cover star of the upcoming DVD Baseball: The Tenth Inning, Ken Burns's follow-up to his epic 1994 Baseball documentary:

That is all.

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