Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Maine: Still Killer

Just got back from our biannual trip to the Pine Tree State, where we did pretty much the same fun stuff as in 2006 and 2008. A few different things this time...

We stopped in Portland to see the Cryptozoology Museum at the back of the Green Hand bookstore. Alas, the museum was closed that day, but I did get the above picture just inside the store's front entrance. The window display to our left had some relatively smaller figures, like the Bigfoot Garden Yeti Sculpture I had just seen in the SkyMall catalog on our flight east. SkyMall also has an incredibly stupid Bigfoot Tree Yeti Sculpture and XXX-large Evel Knievel leather chaps -- yikes!

Besides passing through "Live Free or Die" New Hampshire (now the 40th state I've visited in my life), we also swung through Boston, but I didn't have time to check out the Greater Boston Bigfoot Research Institute nor the site of the old Braves Field. However, I did get to walk through Harvard Square and Harvard Yard, and for the second time, had dinner with with local writer/producer/director/blogger/ all-around-swell guy Darren Garnick.

We flew through Newark both ways, but neither layover was long enough to ride the monorail (above). Also, no sign of Snooki.

As for souvenirs, I picked up a pair of coastal Maine nautical chart placemats to compliment our two San Juan Islands 'mats. Got a Lucky Lobster lottery ticket too.

Can't wait 'til we go back in 2012!

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