Sunday, January 23, 2011

National Park Roundup

Last week's Yellowstone trip got me to thinking about how many of the 58 National Parks I've visited in my life. So... I've been to all three in Washington (Mt. Rainier, North Cascades and Olympic), plus Crater Lake (Oregon), Redwood and Yosemite (California), Zion and Bryce Canyon (Utah), the Grand Canyon (Arizona), and the Grand Tetons (Wyoming)... That's an even ten, all in western states.

My favorite is Mt. Rainier (just 'cause it's the closest one to Seattle, and I could see it every clear day while growing up in Kent). The one I'd most like to visit someday is the Everglades (just 'cause it's the furthest one from Seattle, with probably the most foreign environment from the other parks I've seen).

Almost as much as the parks themselves, I love these posters by Seattle's Doug Leen, based on original 1930s-40s WPA art (I have that Rainier print, above). Here's a flickr set of several such posters, and here's where you can buy 'em.



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