Saturday, January 15, 2011

Seahawk Rock

I'm a sucker for those ephemeral, sports-themed novelty songs that pop up on the radio whenever a local team makes a playoff run (a rare thing in these parts). Like, when the Seahawks made the Super Bowl in 2006, I linked to eight such tunes here (though none of those links work now).

But don't fret! Here are a few new ones for this season, like "Blue and Green" by T.N.T. The Natural Truth with Smiley G, now playing on KUBE:

Over at KMPS you can listen to both "This Is Seahawks Football" (set to the tune of Brad Paisley's cloying "This Is Country Music") and "The Pete Carroll Carol" (set to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas").

And that video at the top? That's the seminal "Locker Room Rock," performed by the 1985 Seahawks, released three months prior to the '85 Bears' far more popular Super Bowl Shuffle.

If the Seahawks beat them Bears this Sunday, there will certainly be more such songs -- stay tuned.

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