Monday, June 06, 2011

I Can't Quit You, Quatchi! #3

I'm super-delighted that Meomi coaxed Quatchi out of semi-retirement to cheer on the Canucks during the Stanley Cup final... And look! Mukmuk is a Green Man Marmot!!

Meanwhile, Dub sent me these photos of a sweet Quatchi birthday cake she made. Below is what the cake figurine looked like after her son ate Quatchi's foot and a good portion of his head...

Dub also made these cool cupcakes...

Finally, I love Harkem's Quatchi Hug...


Here's Summertime Quatchi...


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At 11:32 AM, June 11, 2011 , Blogger Sammers said...

Glad Quatchi is a Canucks fan!!!


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