Friday, June 10, 2011

We Hardly Knew Ye: Cave Man

This week the Seattle Times reported on Cave Man's apparent closure: "Cave Man's phone is disconnected. Public records show the owners filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in February and their business license expired in March."

Which stinks, since Cave Man was one of the few things I liked about my hometown. As a teenager I landed my first-ever job at the long-running Kent institution (though I promptly quit after just one miserable shift of washing an endless stream of greasy dishes). But I've always loved their smoked chicken, which I still enjoyed once a year or so whenever I traveled down that way for a T-Birds game or an afternoon of thrifting. Heck, it even made my "Seven Wonders of Kent" survey in my first-ever 'zine. I'm sad I'll never taste that chicken again.

Photo by Curtis Cronn.

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