Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Scenes From an All-Star Game

Tonight I went to the Northwest League All-Star Game. Above, my ticket; below, the marquee...

The NWL is a short-season A league, consisting of eight teams from Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia. The Everett AquaSox hosted the game; this is the best ad in the ballpark...

The stars lined up for the national anthems (both Canadian and American)...

One of my favorite all-star game traditions is the variety of uniforms on display. Unfortunately, at this game, both squads wore uniform all-star jerseys (the South in dark blue, the North in lighter blue). At least they wore their own teams' respective caps and pants.

Here's a painting of AquaSox mascot Webbly...

Finally, that's me with ZOOperstar Ichiroach Suzuki...

For the record, the South won, 8-7.



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