Friday, May 11, 2007

Postage Stamp of the Week: Expo '74

In keeping with the recent theme of World's Fair commemoratives (Seattle, San Antonio)...

The Spokane World's Fair opened 33 years ago this week, on May 7, 1974. Looking at this psychedelic Peter Max stamp, one might erroneously think the fair had Blue Meanies running around. And, since the stamp didn't mention Spokane, one might erroneously think the fair was held in Pepperland. As for the "Preserve the Environment" slogan, the expo had an environmental theme, with ugly downtown rail yards transformed into the fairgrounds. I breezed through the site 25 years later, one afternoon in 1999. A nice park was left behind, but I didn't find anything else of particular interest... Is it just me, or does it seem like the guy in the stamp should be running in the other direction?

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At 9:23 PM, May 12, 2007 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fix your fucking RSS feed, asshole!


At 10:24 AM, January 30, 2008 , Blogger sal said...

My name is Sal,I have all four envelopes Air, Water, land, Nature. all stamped 1st day issue, never mailed. All in one frame, been sealed since 1974, hand signed by peter max. Prestine condition. lookin for approx worth. also trying to aquire cert/ of authent. Any help out there? Cant find that piece anywhere

At 10:25 AM, January 30, 2008 , Blogger sal said...

MY name is Sal, i have the four envelopes of Air Land Nature Water. Stamped 1st day issue. never mailded. prestine condition. also they are all in one frame. hand signed by peter max. Any help out there, regarding there worth. also need a cert/ auth.where to go for that. peace..... and thank you


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