Monday, November 03, 2008

Pants, Ducks, Valued Squirrel

A bunch of stuff from the last few days...

Here's the CCTV HQ under construction. Aptly nicknamed "The Pants," it was designed by Rem Koolhaus, architect of the Seattle Central Library. I find the library's spiral layout confusing -- hopefully the Pants'll be easier to navigate.

And here I am on the floor of the Olympic stadium, standing in front of an inflatable likeness of Huanhuan, one of the five Olympic mascots. Cute, but they got nothin' on Quatchi. We also looked inside the Water Cube next door, where Michael Phelps won all his medals.

We spent some time shopping, both in shopping malls and flea markets...

Here's Eliza, taking a noodle and beer break. Pretty much everything we've eaten has been great -- wonton soup, noodle soup, these pancake things, these crepe things, fried fish, dumplings, Milk Chewy, Japan Boat, Beard Papas, bean sprout burrito things, corn, and a bunch of other stuff I don't quite know how to describe. We passed on the sea horses, starfish, and scorpions.

By far the best thing we've eaten is the famous Peking duck. Eliza poses outside the alleyway sign for the restaurant. It was killer.

Alright. It's 10 a.m. Monday -- a few more hours here before our flight home. We should be in Seattle by midnight.

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