Saturday, March 14, 2009

Now I've Seen Everything #8: HOV Dummies

My heart swells with regional pride over these specimens of NW DIY ingenuity. The above was nailed on Highway 167 in January 2008; below, busted this past Wednesday on I-405.

Perhaps not the most original idea in the world -- weaseling into the diamond lane with a homemade dummy riding shotgun -- but the results are nonetheless amusing.

Is this simply bucking the system? Or outsider art? You be the judge.

12/9/10 UPDATE

This guy, caught last month on Route 167, ain't even trying...

4/21/11 UPDATE

Another guy pulled over on Thursday in Kirkland...

Said the offending motorist to the WSP trooper, “Sir, I have no excuse.”

5/4/11 UPDATE

The WSP nabs a guy in Federal Way with an inflatable sex doll...

Thanks David!

1/5/12 UPDATE
Just after 7:30 p.m. on Dec. 20, a trooper stopped the driver of a silver Mazda for driving at 82 mph and making several unsafe lane changes on northbound Interstate 5 near 272nd Street, the State Patrol said. The trooper noticed that a “passenger” in the car was actually a plastic skeleton in a hooded sweatshirt. At least the skeleton was belted in. The driver was ticketed for speeding, unsafe lane changes and an HOV violation.

4/4/12 UPDATE

A tip o' the HOV Dummies cap to George Buford for this one...

The North Seattle Community College hoody is a nice touch.

10/24/13 UPDATE

Dummy-spotter extraordinaire George Buford strikes again, sharing this one posted today on NWCN's Facebook page...

The bad wig gave it away! WSP Trooper Mark Francis gave a carpool lane violator a ticket this morning near Everett, WA for having this dummy in his passenger seat. Apparently, the driver called her "Mr. Safety."

10/25/13 UPDATE

The Seattle P-I lists a bunch of recent Seattle-area HOV dummies, included many of the ones above -- link.

12/19/13 UPDATE

Buford once more, finding this one KING 5's Facebook page...

At least he's not a total dummy... this fake passenger wore a Seattle Seahawks hat. (However, the driver got a ticket for abusing the carpool lane.) Photo: WSP Trooper Chris Webb
2/13/14 UPDATE

Washington State Patrol Trooper Chris Webb tweeted the above photo, commenting: "Today, Trooper Nazariya stopped an HOV violator SB I-405/160th. The passenger was quiet and didn't move a lot..."



At 5:24 PM, January 07, 2012 , Anonymous George Buford said...

Seriously officer, if I don't get him to the morgue fast enough I'll lose my "used car" smell!


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