Monday, April 20, 2009

Bigfoot is Everywhere

Particularly in Portland, where Eliza and I spent the weekend.

Ground Kontrol has the White Water pinball (featuring Bigfoot's furry spinning head), while over at PGE Park (where the Beavs beat the Grizzlies), I spied Bigfoot's hot dog stand.

Elmer's has the "Big Foot Breakfast" and "Big Foot Burger" on their kids' menu (unfortunately, they were all out of these)... At the Candy Basket, home of the creepy chocolate waterfall, I scored a milk chocolate Bigfoot foot (not so big, really -- it's only eight inches long)... I picked up a Bigfoot postcard promoting Crafty Wonderland, and saw in Willamette Week that the Portland Ikea will be handing out Bigfoot air fresheners this week in honor of Earth Day.

In other unsolved Northwest mysteries: on our drive home we stopped by the Ariel Store and Tavern, near where D.B. Cooper supposedly touched down (I previously wrote about him here). Sadly, the place was closed for the evening (and, from the looks of things, might have been closed for some time). All I got was this lousy photo.

My theory: Bigfoot abducted Cooper, then ate him.

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