Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You're Welcome, Stockholm

We finally got to ride Copenhagen's free city bikes, and though they expedited our sightseeing, they were still fairly crappy -- no wonder they get thrown in the canal.

We parked ours outside Ida Davidsen (where I had the awesome shrimp pyramid smørrebrød), and later we visited the suburban Finn Juhl house.

Along our train ride to Oslo we stopped in Goteborg for a few hours, long enough to hike around town and visit the Liseberg amusement park. It isn't nearly as charming as Copenhagen's Tivoli, as it aims for more of a branded, Disney-ish theme, starring its own Mickey-Mousy mascot, the creepy green Liseberg Rabbit.

In Oslo we took the water shuttle across the harbor to a bunch of cool museums: the Folkemuseum (the folk museum), the Sjøfartsmuseum (maritime museum), the Vikingskipshuset (Viking ship museum), and the best one, the Kon-Tiki museum -- that's the famed craft below.

For Eliza's birthday dinner we rode the T-bane up to Frognerseteren, a restaurant atop a mountain overlooking the city, and took a postprandial stroll through Vigeland Sculpture Park.

Here's me in front of the Oslo rådhus (city hall).

Now we're at Stockholm's Hotel Hellsten, having spent yesterday touring the Kulturhuset and Gamla stan. We rode up the Katarinahissen, and had dinner at Rolfs Kök with Eliza's grandmother's Swedish cousin (Hej Gun! Tack!).

The Swedes dig the Stones...

Lots of Scandinavian design in Scandinavia...

Tonight we sail to Helsinki!


At 8:19 AM, May 27, 2009 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How was Rolfs Kök?


At 6:30 PM, May 28, 2009 , Blogger Ken said...

I wonder how many of Seattle's "ZipCars" are in Puget Sound right now?!? Yikes!


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