Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cool Logos, Boring Game (Still)

The Vancouver Whitecaps and Portland Timbers recently revealed new logos for their respective teams, both to join the Seattle Sounders next year in the MLS. Though I'm still ho-hum about the sport, perhaps I'll change my tune in September after we've been to our first game. (Many of our neighbors are already big fans, as evidenced by all the yelling and cheering coming from various homes around our apartment during today's World Cup games.) Regardless, I dig the designs, and It'll be cool to have a three-way Northwest rivalry.

From last year, here are my original Sounders impressions... Also, The Onion Sports Introduction To World Cup Soccer.

This just in -- soccer is gay!



At 1:33 AM, June 18, 2010 , Blogger William said...

Woo! I love soccer (poop).


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