Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kansas City, Here I Am

I've never eaten frog legs before, but the impulse hit me this morning at the Goody Goody Diner in St. Louis. The frog portion of the Legs 'n Eggs Platter, like so many other foods, tasted like the proverbial chicken. Nibbling little bits of frog meat from tiny bones was kinda weird, but I dealt. I'm in no hurry to order it again.

Out in the 'burbs I visited the "Home of BIGFOOT." I'm not much into monster trucks, and though the iconic vehicle has nothing to do with the iconic Sasquatch, I figured it was worth a visit. I snapped some photos and bought a Bigfoot Koozy.

Then spent four rainy hours driving across Missouri on I-70, with its many billboards featuring pro-life blather and Sammy Hagar. I deliberately overshot Kansas City, MO to spin through Kansas City, KS, making Kansas the 39th state I've visited in my life. Back in Missouri, I lunched at Arthur Bryant's BBQ, then visited the site of the former Municipal Stadium, and then toured the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. Mixed feelings -- it was a solid, touching tribute to this chapter of American history, but unfortunate that segregation caused this chapter to exist in the first place.

Tonight I hit the Royals/Astros game at Kauffman Stadium (the 24th current stadium I've attended a game at; the 30th stadium overall). I like that it isn't named for the highest corporate bidder, but instead after influential, versatile comedian Andy Kaufman. I also like the Royals Hall of Fame, the open concourses, the monster scoreboard, first-base coach Rusty Kuntz, and that the official team color is royal blue -- my favorite color ever of all-time ever.

That said, the Royals have always struck me as the blandest franchise in baseball, and tonight pretty much confirmed it. Kansas City itself seems pretty dull, and combined with its monster suburban sports complex (with pedestrian-unfriendly acres of parking), a fucked-up mascot, and other bits of lameness too petty to bitch about, I was hardly impressed. Don't get me wrong -- I enjoy a game at any ballpark, good or bad. Even if the experience isn't the best, I'm always glad I went.

One last thing: Kauffman's fountains did never much for me on TV, but after seeing them in person, I really dig this unique feature. Though it could use some ducks.

Tonight I'm across I-70 from Kauffman at the Dreary Drury Inn & Suites. Back to St. Louis tomorrow.

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