Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Evel Knievel + Halloween = Scare Cycles!

After Ideal shitcanned Evel in 1977 for beating up Sheldon Saltman with a baseball bat, the toy company sought a replacement figure on which to base their popular "Gyro-Powered" motorcycle toys. They settled on three: Frankenstein, Dracula, and the Grim Reaper (or somebody like him -- why not the Wolfman, or the Mummy?).

In any case, Ideal rolled out the Scare Cycles line in 1978, featuring the Frankencycle (driven by a Fonzie-like Frankenstein)...

...the Dracucycle (with Dracula splayed across a coffin)...

...and Boneshaker (a three-wheeler piloted by the Grim Reaper guy)...

The Frankencycle had glow-in-the-dark parts and a "Haunted House Winder," and I suppose the others did too. Read more here, and if you understand Japanese, here.

Then Ideal shitcanned the monsters for their 1982 line of Gyro-Powered Team America motorcycle toys, which I might write about around Independence Day.

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