Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dave's Appetite for Destruction

As a teenager, my favorite TV show was Late Night with David Letterman, and my favorite bits were the remote segments when Dave destroyed everyday objects in imaginative fashion. First, he had a steamroller run over a bowling trophy, a can of Crisco, and some other stuff...

Then he exploded various inflatables like inner tubes and volleyballs with an air compressor (though I can't find video of that)... Moving on, he dropped watermelons, a boombox, and Cookie Puss off an abandoned five-story building in New Rochelle, New York...

Finally, he visited a Clifton, New Jersey machine shop with an 80-ton hydraulic press. Watch him crush a bowling ball, a canned ham, and Mr. Potato Head...

Since his 1993 move to CBS, Dave still delights in seeing stuff fall from the roof of the Ed Sullivan Theater and smash on the sidewalk below, but now he lets his stagehands do the damage while he simply watches the live feed from his desk. It just ain't the same.

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