Monday, September 28, 2009

Super Quatchi Crazy!

Just got back from another of our once-a-year-or-so trips to Canada. We drove up on Friday night and shopped at Daiso, then stayed at the nearby Vancouver airport Sandman (largely 'cause it's right across the street from Tim Horton's). Then Saturday we attended a small community festival in suburban Langley so we could finally meet Quatchi -- there'll be lots more about him in future blog action, but here's a picture for now.

I still wasn't able to find just the right Canucks T-shirt at either the team shop nor at any thrift stores, but I did score a cool Canucks book at Value Village. (Two things I always see in B.C. thrift shops: Don Cherry's Rock'em Sock'em Hockey videos, and this Expo 86 coffee table book.)

Our Vancouver time was limited though, 'cause the main reason for our trip was to visit Whistler, where neither of us had been before. Besides taking in the gorgeous mountain scenery (best viewed from the new Peak 2 Peak Gondola), it seems we spent most of our time in sushi restaurants and souvenir shops.

We basically wanted to buy everything bearing Quatchi's face, but we settled for a Quatchi fridge magnet, a Quatchi T-shirt, a Quatchi book, and Quatchi stamps to affix to our Quatchi postcards. To keep our original 13.5" Quatchi company, we also took home a 4.5" Quatchi and a 8.5" Quatchi. The monster 38" Quatchi wasn't for us, but we enjoyed posing with one of 'em for these photos.

Next time we gotta rent some bikes, and in Vancouver, we still need to eat at Japa Dog, go to a Canucks game, visit Point Roberts and ride the BC Ferries. Why? 'Cause Vancouver is awesome.

A zillion thanks, Marg & Tom!!

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Ivar's Submarine Billboards

The supposed Ivar's billboards at the bottom of Puget Sound appear to be legit -- check out the videos.

This sort of goofy local lore sounds too awesome to be true, but it apparently is. They say the seven billboards, installed on the sea bed in 1955 and salvaged over the summer, will soon be on display around town. I can't wait.

I love Ivar's, both for the seafood as well as for its status as a Seattle institution -- since 1938! I enjoy me an occasional Ivar Dog at Mariners games, and it's no accident we had our wedding rehearsal dinner last spring at the kitschy-cool Ivar's Salmon House (with its Whalemaker Lounge). Unfortunately, I've lately had certain, um, "issues" with fish 'n' chips -- I hope it's a temporary thing.

Keep clam.

Newer Flickr Sets!

Now you can see my collection of Mariners pocket schedules, Seahawks pocket schedules, and some other stuff.

Happy 59th, Bill!

Bill Murray hits the big five-nine today. His finest moment:

Friday, September 18, 2009

New Flickr Sets!

Check out my two latest flickr sets, featuring my collections of Washington Huskies and Seattle SuperSonics pocket schedules.

Of course, you've already seen my collections of All-Star Game ballots and Mariners scorecards.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Super Ichiro Crazy!

On the occasion of Ichiro's record-setting ninth-straight 200-hit season, I am pleased to announce my web site's latest feature, where you'll find loads of fun stuff like this:

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We Hardly Knew Ye: King of the Hill

I didn't really like it when it first came out, but after watching reruns in syndication, Mike Judge's King of the Hill soon became one of my all-time favorite TV shows. I've always felt that its animated characters are more human than those on most live-action shows, and I love its Texas-centric sense of place. Alas, after 13 seasons, its final episode aired tonight. Though the program has lost its edge in the last few years, its touching closing scene got me all verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

666 + 333 = 999

Today is 9/9/09, making my blog is three years, three months, and three days old.

My first post was published on 6/6/06. Including this one, I've since added 348 posts -- about two per week.

That's reason enough to share this killer live version of my favorite Stones song ever of all-time ever.