Saturday, December 31, 2011 Blog 2011 Year in Review!

This is easily the best picture I took this year, if not the best picture I've ever taken.

Among this blog's 105 posts in 2011, it's obvious that I became obsessed with hockey (and to a far lesser extent, D.B. Cooper), and I had fun on my travels around the Northwest and Southeast.

Celebrating birthdays this year were Yakov Smirnoff, Wayne Gretzky, Dog, Dr. Dre, Jack Chick, Ace Frehley, Willie Mays, Chris Elliott, Gene Simmons, The Onion, Ryan Kesler, Adam West, Captain Bananas, Weird Al, the University of Washington, Washington state, Quatchi, Fred Armisen, Peter Criss, Lemmy and Don Francisco.

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Tura Satana, the White Stripes, Knut, Jim Mandich, Gil Scott-Heron, Cave Man, Clarence Clemons, Rick the Peanut Guy, R.E.M., Red Foxx (albeit 20 years too late) and Kim Jong Il.

On top of this being the fifth full calendar year of this blog, I also started a couple new blogs in 2011 -- Super Ichiro Crazy! and Bigfoot is Real -- and I've also added lotsa stuff to my flickr pages, which now hosts almost 1,000 images.

Anyway, the good Mayans willing, stay tuned for more of this stuff in 2012... Thanks for reading!



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